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Core Exercise Sliding Discs

Core Exercise Sliding Discs

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The sliding disc exercise system allows you to use your body weight as resistance to compliment any strength exercise routine. The simplicity of this unique system makes it easily adaptable for both beginners and advanced users alike. Our sliding discs are 18cm in diameter and are lightweight and compact, the sliding discs can be easily transported and are ideal for use in the home, at the gym or whilst travelling.

Incorporate this dynamic exercise tool into your normal workout for added abdominal focus, the discs can be used to target specific muscles on the whole body.

  • EASILY TRANSPORTED: At home, in the gym or whilst travelling
  • ADAPTABLE: For both beginners and advanced users
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: Use your body weight as resistace
  • PROVIDES: A full body workout, particularly focusing on the abdominal core muscles
  • USE: To complient your normal exercise routine
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